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Breakaway HYBRID Halter®

Breakaway HYBRID Halter®

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All the features of the Patented HYBRID Halter with the addition of a double buckle replaceable leather breakaway poll.

In a pullback situation, or situation where a horse gets accidentally caught on something by the halter, the leather strap of a breakaway is designed to give way before the nylon or hardware and is a common safety requirement in some boarding situations and competitions, such as Pony Club.

Replacement leather crowns can be easily replaced in case of breakage.

  • SOLID brass, non-rust hardware throughout
  • Heavy bridle leather nose tabs are specifically designed for stability, feature durable doubled and stitched construction and provide an elegant, finished look
  • Has 100% the same functionality, fit and function as other HYBRID styles
  • Black with black breakaway poll strap