Nylon Halter with Lariat Nose

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Maximum control for bad ground habits

Maximum Control of Any HYBRID Style
Easy on-off - nose maintains shape

Struggling with a horse that has learned some bad habits on the ground? Resorting to a stud chain but want a gentler way? Want to ride in a halter/bosal while staying in control? The Lariat HYBRID is just the ticket for your needs if you answered yes! Each lariat HYBRID is handcrafted using a special four strand lariat rope made of 100% polyester, that is wax coated for durability and will not stretch. Soft enough not to rub the nose, but stiff enough to give you maximum control to correct pushiness, charging and pulling away.



    A halter that ...
    combines lungeing convenience,
    is safe for all uses
    and has REAL control.

    Granted an official patent for its innovative design, the HYBRID Halter is the first major revolution in horse halters in 25 years and has been put to the test under the widest possible range of horse handling conditions on three continents.


    It is a direct combination of the traditional flat horse halter and the natural horseman's rope halter, with precision leverage thanks to the addition of a signature 180° sliding ring and noseband knots. Besides giving you a better response than any other halter, it also eliminates head torquing, knot tying hassles and stripped buckle holes while being safe for trailering, crosstying and even riding. In either leather versions or nylon versions fitted with our breakaway halter fuse kit, it is also breakaway in case of pullback.


    It is made in the USA, completely repairable, not disposable. Our best selling style, the Nylon Classic Hybrid Halter has solid brass hardware and a rope undercarriage. This same style is also offered in a triple stitched leather halter. Our Economy Halter offers a thicker rolled nylon undercarriage and brass plated hardware. All of our halters can be customized with a personalized halter nameplate.


    After you receive your halter, we will personally follow up with you to make sure its fit and function is just exactly what you expect and help you arrange any size exchanges if necessary.


    What makes the HYBRID different from a normal rope halter or normal web halter?

    The Hybrid has all the convenience, personalization options, and functionality of a traditional web/flat halter. It features the stability of the buckles, rings and snap of a flat halter, combined with the training ability and control of the rope halter, plus the added benefit of the sliding ring under the chin for clarity of signal. The Hybrid Halter is the ultimate functional and training halter in one convenient design! You can cross tie in it, it won't tighten if a horse pulls back in it, it won't torque a horse's head to the side like a rope halter, so is both more comfortable for your horse and more effective for training because it mimics the application of pressure he will later experience with a bit. Your horse will find it difficult to lean on, so it can deliver a precision of cue that neither a rope, nor web halter can match and makes you and your horse's job easier. If you follow natural horsemanship, or do groundwork with your horse, you will see a remarkable training difference with this halter. If you lunge your horses, you won't have a need to to switch the rope of your lunge line based on your horse's direction of travel.


    Use either breed/height or measurements on chart below to choose your halter!

    Size Breed/Age/Size Nose Circumference Dee to Dee*
    Suckling Foal  Foals up to weaning  Figure 8  
    Mini Miniature horses  18" 28"
    Weanling Shetland ponies and weanling foals  20" 34"
    Yearling Yearling horses and sport poinies, POA's  21" 36"
    Arabian Arabians with a signature long head  22" 39"
    Small/Cob Small headed adult Quarter Horses, average headed 2-year-olds, Cob size ponies and Arabians.  22" 38"
    Average Most adult Quarter Horses, Paints and Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Mustangs, Gypsies, smaller Warmbloods. Under 15.2 with average sized jowls.  24" 40"
    Large Larger Warmbloods, Large Jowled Paints, Foundation Bred Quarter Horses with Larger heads, Mules  26" 44"
    XX-Large/Draft For all drafts and most draft crosses  28" 50"


     *Dee to dee measurement is measured from side dees on either side of the horse's face, over the top of the poll to the opposite dee.

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